OBTIM™ Premium 24/7 Cloud Support.
Bring expertise and around-the-clock support to your organization with OBTIM™ Technology enhanced support for Azure Cloud platform. This service offers guidance, training, and solutions to troubleshoot issues and optimize deployments along with competitive pricing for all operating system and technologies offered by a third party and OBTIM™ Technology.
OBTIM™ Technology Cloud Solution
OBTIM™ Premium Cloud Support
Cloud Migration Support
Migrating to the cloud can be complex, but when you partner with us, a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), you’ll get the best service available. We have years of experience with Microsoft cloud solutions and are a proud and trustworthy Microsoft partner and an excellent choice for your move to cloud computing.
End to End Cloud Support
We can provide consulting, management, support, and migration services to Microsoft Cloud solutions or other public or private cloud environment. We will help your organization realize the full potential of cloud computing and enterprise mobility technologies with the safest and most secure option available today.
Hybrid Cloud Solution Is The Answer To Business Enterprise Mobility
With an HKS IT Solution hybrid cloud, we make the best use of your existing assets and skillset of your team. This provides you with a unified approach that is still very flexible. This allows for building applications that can run onsite or in the cloud. This flexibility allows for the most efficient use of available resources along with providing the quickest and easiest experience.

OBTIM™ Technology Your One Stop Cloud Consulting, Support & Solution Provider

Centralizing management and security across your cloud solution will allow for control of your assets from your datacenter to the cloud. It will help protect workloads with backup and recovery solutions. This is so you never worry about downtime.
The hybrid solution will allow for single sign-on to any cloud and onsite applications. Identity management helps keep all your valued information safe and secure. HKS IT Solution Hybrid Cloud Solutions offers many ways to keep user identity safe and to allow safe and easy access for those authorized to view and manipulate data in the cloud or hybrid resources.
Because you’ll be using the same query languages for both on-premises and cloud assets, you’ll be able to distribute and analyze data seamlessly. You’ll apply analytics and use deep learning in Azure to enrich your data onsite and in the cloud.
Communication is key.
As a cloud expert support provider and Microsoft CSP Tier-1 provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and design the best cloud computing solution available. While each growing business or enterprise requires different solutions, we can tailor the process for you so everything is efficient and empowering.

We’ll analyze, Listen and take Actions

We’ll analyze your cloud readiness and then create a plan that is best for you. Migrating to the cloud is quick and secure, and thanks to our hands-on approach, the migration is ensured to cover everything. We will make sure to monitor performance and detect any issues, solving them right away.

We’ll design the best cloud computing option for your enterprise or growing business with our team of experts so you’re up and running in the cloud today.
We can help you overcome the complexity of cloud migration and optimize your existing assets through a hybrid cloud solution. During the consultation process, we will analyze your currents systems and platforms to come up with the best solution for your enterprise or growing business.
Our proprietary systems constantly monitor so you are more secure than ever with the latest standards. Fast, quick access to your data in the cloud while still being safe and secure is the goal. This is something we guarantee and have implemented time and again successfully.

“We are proud of our partners, and only work with the very best.”

We are glad that we have many happy customers all around the world and we will keep working to improve our quality of services each day to meet and acquire world-class standard and partnership.