OBTIM™ Cloud Security.
Benefit from the proven enterprise experience coupled with security and compliance investments giving you the confidence your business demands. Decades of hard work went into becoming enterprise-grade—a badge of honor that HKS IT Solution holds dear.
OBTIM™ Technology Cloud Solution
OBTIM™ Cloud Security
Managed Security By OBTIM™ For Microsoft Cloud
When using Microsoft Cloud Solutions, you’ll be using one of the most flexible and secure cloud platforms available today. It provides your business with data security, privacy, control, and transparency. As your confidential data is the lifeblood of your enterprise or growing business, you must protect it. Many companies are bound by regulations unique to their industry, and as such, Microsoft Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Azure platform has security and privacy built into the platform itself.
OBTIM™ Security Lifecycle
The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) addresses security at every point of the development phase, and Microsoft continually is updating its cloud and Azure platforms to make it even more secure day-by-day. Microsoft Cloud Computing and Azure allows you to manage your identities and credentials, providing you with secure identities. Only authorized users will be able to access your data, environments, and applications.

OBTIM™ Technology Security Services
A secure infrastructure that relies on security technologies and practices allow virtual machines to connect and block any unauthorized traffic.
You will receive the best threat management in the cloud computing world as OBTIM™ Technology monitors your networks, servers, and applications continuously. Our security experts give you complete control of your assets in the cloud. You will always have peace of mind with OBTIM™ Technology security services we help you to keep your data secure on public & hybrid cloud, you are always updated and constantly monitored.
Our team will be able to quickly identify threats and solve them before there are any issues.s.

We Never let you down
Few businesses can afford unexpected interruptions, data loss, or modern security threats.

That’s why OBTIM™ Technology support business continuity and security, helping give you peace of mind that your critical business information will be retained no matter what happens.

Imagine you’ve left your device at home – or it is lost or stolen. You can still access your latest files anytime, anywhere, using any device if you store them in the cloud on OneDrive for Business, included in Office 365.
Let’s say something happens to some of your important data. Maybe you accidentally deleted a file. When you back up your files, you can recover your data in case something happens to the originals. You can get automated protection recovery on-premises from Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016. And in the cloud, Microsoft Azure provides scalable, cost-effective backup, with up to 99 years of data retention for legal compliance. For extra protection, Azure encrypts your backup files.
Sophisticated cyber attacks can exploit vulnerable devices. You can get in-device protection with hardware-based security features in a Windows 10 Pro device. Microsoft Intune, part of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), can remotely validate the health of your device, while advanced threat analytics in EMS help detect abnormal behavior and malicious attacks.

Once your data is on the move, it becomes more vulnerable.
Of course, your business can’t afford to lose important information. With Microsoft cloud, mobile, and device technologies, you can better prevent and protect business data from unauthorized access and modern threats, with enterprise-grade security built-in at every level of IT—from PC to mobile and cloud.
  • Get better protection and security management across devices and apps using Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Simple to set up and always up to date, EMS safeguards and manages your company’s devices—Windows, iOS, and/or Android—and protects Windows, your Office email, files, and apps, plus thousands of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps.
  • Help safeguard your team members against identity theft with multi-factor authentication. When you use Windows 10 Pro, login requires two credentials. You can use a PIN or a device as the first of these. With Windows Hello for Business on modern devices with biometrics sensors, use your fingerprint, or face as the second factor. Bonus: users no longer need to keep track of a password.
  • Hardware-based features in Windows 10 Pro devices help guard against malware and malicious attacks. For instance, Secure Boot prevents your device from starting when it detects malware. And put your data on lockdown with BitLocker and BitLocker-to-Go encrypting your data on devices and USB drives.
  • Get even more protection when you use Office 365 with a Windows 10 Pro device. Windows Information Protection (WIP) in Windows 10 Pro, plus Rights Management Services (RMS) in Office 365 strengthen leak protection. For example the ability to prevent printing and forwarding of documents without authorization.

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